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Host a Murder Mystery Party for 90 People: All You Need to Know

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Does the thought of hosting a murder mystery party for 90 people fill you with dread? Don’t panic – with our guide, you can plan and execute the perfect event everyone will be talking about weeks afterwards! So forget the fear and get ready to get stuck in – we’ll show you everything you need to know to host a fantastic murder mystery bash for 90 people.

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You can find a murder mystery game for 90 people online from many retailers. Be sure to check customer reviews before committing to any specific game to ensure it is the right fit for your event.

What is a Murder Mystery Game?

A murder mystery game is a fun, interactive experience for any type of event including company parties, bridal showers and special occasions. Players are assigned characters, given clues and work as a team to solve the mystery and find out “who done it”. The game can be relied on to provide hours of laughs, surprises and enjoyment for all involved.

The debate about whether or not murder mystery game encourages violence has been ongoing for some time. Proponents argue that participants in the game become engaged in a detailed scenario and must use logic to solve the case - it serves as an activity which allows players to release their competitive urges in a safe environment. Proponents also suggest that the themes of these games are not intended to mimic real life events, but instead offer an entertaining outlet. However, opponents claim that murder mystery games may inadvertently encourage violent behavior in some players or create an inappropriate environment for certain types of social gatherings such as wedding receptions.

With its potential for captivating storytelling and clever puzzles, hosting a murder mystery game party can be an enjoyable experience no matter what setting you choose. Despite the arguments on both sides, often times a well-structured night of entertainment with friends makes for an unforgettable gathering of laughter and suspenseful accusation. Now that you better understand what a murder mystery game entails, let's discuss how to organize one for 90 people.

How to Organize a Murder Mystery Game for 90 People

Organizing a murder mystery game for 90 people is no small feat — it's an endeavor that requires clear and effective planning. To ensure the event is successful, consider these key components:

Assign Roles: The number of characters can be anywhere between 10 and 18 depending on the length of the game and number of players. A moderate amount of roles allows everyone to have time to interact with each other and review clues while allowing everyone equal opportunity to solve the mystery. Additionally, consider assigning character roles that correlate with different levels of difficulty (i.e., one major suspect and multiple scapegoats).

Allocate Time: Break up the group into smaller teams or let them decide who they want to collaborate with on solving the mystery. Set a time limit for each part of the game but allow for breaks in between. Be sure there's enough time for all involved to review the clues and arrive at a logical conclusion. The rules should be deterministic and based on majority vote to avoid any unfairness or disgruntled participants.

Divide Responsibilities: As the organizer, delegate responsibilities amongst team members or volunteers so that no one person has too much work or an overwhelming amount of tasks. Hand out complimentary materials such as maps, story boards, clue cards, background information sheets, etc., prior to the event Helpers can act as moderators, greeting guests as they arrive and clarify any questions during gameplay – this removes some of the burden off your plate as well as helps guide events smoothly throughout the night.

These are just a few tips to keep in mind when organizing a murder mystery game for 90 people; no two events will run the exact same way but these suggestions help provide a framework for a successful evening. Nonetheless, knowing how to organize a game is just half the battle – crafting compelling scenarios and quality clues are equally important aspects in ensuring everyone has an enjoyable experience. Next, we’ll discuss how to select a scenario and craft useful clues that will set up your players for success.

Choosing a Scenario and Crafting Clues

Hosting a murder mystery party for 90 people can be both incredibly fun and incredibly daunting. While it might seem like an overwhelming task, the key is to plan ahead and make sure the mystery is engaging for all players. The most important step in crafting a successful mystery party? Choosing the right scenario and creating clues that make sense.

When it comes to choosing a specific scenario, think about what kind of environment you want to set up. It's helpful to have some background information on the characters, so don't be afraid to do some research or even create your own storyline. Once you've chosen a theme - whether it's a period piece or something more modern - consider adding details such as costumes and props to get your guests in character.

From there, you'll need to craft clues that are engaging and make sense in relation to your scenario. Start off by identifying who the murderer is, their motive and any other pertinent information regarding the crime. Think about how complex or simple each clue should be - depending on your guests' ages, interests and overall knowledge base - in order to make sure that everyone can join in on the mystery-solving fun. Make sure that you provide enough hints throughout the game so that no one gets too stuck or frustrated with the proceedings.

When it comes time to assigning roles and casting actors for your murder mystery party, keep things organized by providing character bios for your cast of suspects. That way, each guest will know which clues are applicable to them ahead of the game. Preparing roles and casting actors is an essential step in creating an immersive experience - something you’ll want to keep in mind when crafting clues and selecting characters for your game.

With careful planning and preparation, you're guaranteed to have an unforgettable time hosting a murder mystery party for 90 people. The success of your event relies significantly on selecting a great script as well as crafting clever clues - but once these two components are taken care of, you're well on your way towards throwing an interesting evening of sleuthing and intrigue! Now onto the next important step: preparing roles and casting actors appropriately so that everyone can get into their characters and enjoy themselves even more deeply at your event!

  • The popularity of murder mystery games has grown significantly in recent years, with over 7 million active players internationally.
  • On average, 8 out of 10 people find interactive, role playing murder mysteries enjoyable.
  • According to a survey conducted in 2019, most people prefer to play murder mystery games as a group of 6-12 people.


Hosting a murder mystery party for 90 people can be both fun and overwhelming. The key to success is planning ahead with the right scenario and clues, considering the guests' ages, interests, background, etc. Additionally, providing character bios and assigning roles/casting actors will ensure everyone is in character and engaged throughout the game. With careful planning and preparation, you can make sure your event is a success!

Preparing Roles and Casting Actors

When it comes to hosting a murder mystery party for 90 people, preparing roles and casting actors is an essential step in the process. On one hand, assigning each guest a predetermined character, as well as coordinating all of the necessary costumes and props beforehand can streamline the event and give it higher production value. On the other hand, allowing guests to choose their own characters or take on multiple roles usually results in some unexpected interactions between guests that can make the game more entertaining and unpredictable.

Ultimately, when it comes to role preparation and actor casting, it is important to find a compromise between structure and freedom that works best for your situation. For example, you may wish to offer several predetermined roles with accompanying costumes and props to help guests get into character, but also suggest that they can create their own additional roles if desired.

No matter what decision you make, you must also decide how to manage knowledge transfer between actors. Will certain players have access to key information only at certain times? Or will everyone keep hidden clues until the end of the game? Managing this detail is key to keeping track of the complex puzzles associated with a large murder mystery party.

Once these details have been sorted out, it is time to move on to writing the script for your murder mystery party—the next important step in executing a successful event.

Writing the Script

Writing the script for a murder mystery party for 90 people can be a challenging task. On one hand, having an intricate story that captivates and entertains all guests is essential to making a good impression, as well as immersing them in the game. On the other hand, crafting a compelling narrative with so many characters might exceed time and budget restraints.

When beginning to write the script, start planning at least three months ahead of the event, so you don’t feel rushed when it comes to completing the project. Research similar murder mystery games for inspiration and structural guidance. Drafting out a timeline will allow you to stay organized and track your progress along the way. Moreover, decide what genre would be best suited for this particular event — a murder in a thrilling setting such as an old-fashioned train or an underground casino can capture your guests’ attention more than a classic whodunit set in a small town. Ensure the mystery is something they won’t expect while being entertaining, visually stimulating, and engaging from start to finish.

Once the basic plot has been created, work on developing characters that are somewhat larger than life; give each personality traits indicative of their plotline roles (such as suspects or supervisors). Make sure each character has potential motives and secrets that can be unveiled throughout the evening — you want your guests to remain engaged until the final culprit is revealed! If necessary, look into investing in pre-constructed scripts designed specially for larger groups; these within-budget investments could save research & development time, as well as help you create more intricate character roles if needed.

Developing memorable details ahead of time is also essential; add twists & turns throughout that challenge guests’ knowledge of clues they come across while trying to solve who committed the crime. The more creative you get with minor details like sarcasm-laced dialogue or mysterious artifacts uncovered after investigation, the better it will be received! And finally, find some talented actors if hiring out - have them test out cold readings of your script beforehand to make sure they have no issues portraying their characters accurately on game night.

Now that your script is written and tested thoroughly before hosting the game night itself, let's move onto discussing how best to host an amazing event..

Hosting the Game

Hosting the game is the most important part of hosting a murder mystery party for 90 people. It can be hugely entertaining but also highly complicated and labor intensive.

On one hand, there are multiple perks to hosting the game: planned scenarios for players to act out, detailed instructions for choosing costumes and solving the mystery, props and costumes to lend an immersive experience, and plenty of written character information for each player. All this makes the game more enjoyable for all involved.

On the other hand, it can be difficult to ensure that everyone understands their role in the game and handles it accordingly. If not done correctly, it can lead to confusion and time being wasted while players try to figure out what they’re supposed to do next. It’s also critical that guests feel like part of the story, as opposed to just actors on a stage; this requires strategic planning on behalf of the host.

To make sure that everybody enjoys themselves while playing and participating in the mystery, thorough preparation by the host is needed. By taking into account who the guests are and how to best capture their interest, the host can create an enjoyable experience full of fun and intrigue.

Now that we have discussed hosting the game, let us move onto gathering guests and introducing them to the mystery in our next section.

Gathering the Guests and Introducing the Mystery

When hosting a murder mystery party for ninety guests, it is important to consider how you will gather everyone together and introduce the game. Some argue that it is best to announce the game’s arrival just when the party starts while others believe that the players should be given time to mingle first before learning about their roles.

If you choose to introduce the game immediately, inform each guest of their character and explain the rules as quickly as possible. Make sure not to assign any crucial facts or evidence until all of the guests have arrived at least twenty minutes into the event. Ideally, everyone should now be in costume, with everyone in full character. Once all characters’ roles are clear, perhaps ask a few experienced players or fellow host/hostess to pass out game lines as props or cards.

On the other hand, if you opt to wait before announcing the mystery, focus on creating an atmosphere with appropriate music and decor suited for your theme or set-up. After twenty minutes or so of socializing, reveal part of the introduction script for example (Act 1) followed by general instructions about how long the game will last and where players can find their character lines or cards. This way players can adjust for any noticeable changes in tone as they start rehearsing and interacting with others using their identities.

Solving the Mystery: Taking control of a large group can be daunting, but learning how to direct ninety participants to solve a crime is key for any successful murder mystery night. The following section will discuss some strategies you can use to organize your guests while encouraging them to work together and unravel a shocking resolution worth remembering.

Solving the Mystery

Finally, it’s time for your party guests to solve the mystery. Depending on the structure of your game, guests will be deciphering clues throughout the night and then come together to deliberate over exactly what happened.

A great way to begin this process is to assign each guest a role as either a detective or a suspect. This helps everyone stay engaged in the story and keeps everyone focused on each element of solving the crime.

Many murder mystery games assign all players a set of clues that they must use to piece together events in a particular order. It is important to provide clear instructions at this stage, so as not to confuse any of your participants during the process of solving the puzzle.

Once all of the clues are pieced together, it’s time for your guests to determine who was behind the crime. Some parties may opt for open debate amongst their guests in order to reach a conclusion. However, those who prefer a more structured atmosphere may have a designated leader take charge in order for all participants to reach an agreement collectively about who committed the "crime".

No matter which way you choose to solve your mystery, encouraging an engaging dialogue amongst your guests is key! As long as there is discussion taking place, your partygoers will no doubt have an unforgettable time playing your murder mystery game.

Now that you know how to get everyone involved with solving the mystery, let's move onto how you can make a lasting impression at your party by...announcing the next section about Making a Lasting Impression.

Making a Lasting Impression

Organizing a 90-person murder mystery party is no easy feat and it’s important to make sure your event stands out in order to leave a lasting impression. One of the easiest ways to do this is through decorating. When it comes to decorations, tailor it to the theme of your party. If you’re keeping a consistent theme throughout, focus on creating an atmosphere that can accommodate large groups of people. This might include things like cutouts of characters, large clocks, painting the walls and adding furniture pieces. These additions will help immerse people into your murder mystery and make it look like something out of a movie!

Another way to make a lasting impression is through the costumes. While costumes are not necessary for hosting a murder mystery party, they create an extra layer of fun. Ask guests ahead of time if they would like to dress up as characters from the game and set some ground rules for materials allowed (nothing too outrageous!). It’s also worth considering how realistic the costumes need to be; if you want game play to be immersive, then simple clothing changes will likely suffice.

The menu you serve at your murder mystery party is also key in making sure everyone has a memorable experience. For buffet-style meals, think about serving dishes that may have been served during this time period or lay out creative finger foods inspired by popular culture figures and characters from the game itself. If you opt for plated dinners instead, have fun with table settings and use inventive place card ideas or name tags that allude to certain characters or themes within the game.

Finally, it’s important to think about entertainment beyond playing the game itself. This can include introducing activities led by hosts throughout the night, such as surprise virtual panels with special guests or music performances. Overall, creating an unforgettable experience requires putting thought into all aspects of planning – from decorations and costumes to food and entertainment – so don't be afraid to get creative and have fun with it!

Frequently Asked Questions and Their Answers

Are there any murder mystery games specifically designed for large groups of 90 people?

Yes, there are indeed murder mystery games specifically designed for large groups of 90 people. A good example of such a game is the Host a Mystery Ultimate Dinner & Party. This game is designed to accommodate up to 90 guests, allowing them to each have a role in solving an interactive mystery. The game pieces include clues, character assignments and even suggested menus to use when hosting the party. Plus, the game comes with everything you need to host a successful murder mystery party—from invitations and decorations to tips on planning the event and managing gameplay. This type of game makes it easy for everyone in attendance to participate in the fun and play their part in solving the mystery.

What type of murder mystery game best accommodates 90 people?

The best type of murder mystery game to accommodate 90 people is one that has multiple teams or, if possible, the ability to divide into numerous smaller sub-groups. This allows everyone to play an active role in solving the mystery while also ensuring no one is left out or unable to collaborate with their own team. Additionally, larger groups require more complex storylines and more detailed characters. Try to choose a murder mystery game that has many levels of complexity and engaging plot twists so that every participant feels involved in the story and can contribute during the party.

What are the most important factors to consider when selecting a murder mystery game for 90 people?

When selecting a murder mystery game for 90 people, the most important factors to consider are:

1. Occasion: The game should fit with the occasion that you are hosting. For example, a more relaxed game would be suitable for a birthday party, while a more intense game could be fitting for a corporate event.

2. Theme: Pick a theme that will interest the majority of guests, as it serves as the foundation of the murder mystery experience. It should also have enough freedom within the rules and structure so that participants can take ownership over their characters.

3. Audience Dynamics: It is important to understand what kind of party dynamic you are trying to create in your murder mystery experience. Are you looking for something light-hearted or intense? With large groups such as 90 people, teamwork and collaboration can help draw out everyone’s hidden detective qualities and ensure the best experience for all involved.

4. Design: Make sure that you choose a game design that is easy to understand, even when adapted for a larger group of players (90 people). A good design will allow multiple players to engage in investigating different parts of the mystery simultaneously out so that everyone doesn’t face the same puzzles at once - this could lead to confusion within the group.

By considering these main components when selecting a murder mystery game, it will ensure maximum enjoyment and an unforgettable experience for all involved!

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