How it works

Create and play your personalised murder mystery game

1. Choose a game based on the number of guests

Choose whether you want to personalise a game for:

  • A Dinner Party Mystery for 6–10 people
  • An Event Mystery for 12–200+ people

2. Fill in your murder mystery game details

Anytime before your party use our murder mystery builder to create your personalised game.

You decide:

  • Who's the victim?
  • Where does the murder happen?
  • What are the character names?

Plus lots more!

You're the murder mystery creator – so have fun and get creative!

It should all take less than 15 mins to complete.

3. Send players your unique game link

Text, email or post your unique game link.

It contains character information and hints and tips on how to play – so they can get prepared to play the game.

You will be the Host.

The players won't be able to play until you start the game.

4. Play the game

When you're ready to play – give the players access with a secret game code!

You'll play the game together over a few rounds using your phones.

Rounds include a combination of:

  • The Script – all the players read through a script together
  • Questioning & Evidence – you all go off script and can talk openly about who you think dunnit! There will be prompts to help you get information out of each other
  • Voting – where guests vote for who you think the murderer is

The whole game takes about 1-2 hours.

(There's the option to print everything out too – just in case someone's battery dies!)

Murder mystery game running with knife
Get Creative

Try our brilliant murder mystery game builder

It's quick and easy to create your unique murder mystery game. Choose character names, locations, the victim and much more – to create unlimited possibilities!

Build My Murder Mystery Game

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