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What is a murder mystery game?

A murder mystery game is a party game where players hear evidence and solve clues to work out who amongst them is the murderer. Or... more to the point whodunnit!

The game is spread over several rounds – and can take place as a murder mystery night, murder mystery dinner party – or even a whole murder mystery weekend.

The games are often themed – and players are encouraged to dress up in character.

Online or in-person murder mystery games

Play at a whodunnit dinner party with friends – or online with Zoom, Facetime or Hangouts.


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“It was so much fun and easy for people to get involved. A really brilliant murder mystery story!”

Nick T

“Everyone was engaged from the start and threw themselves into solving the murder. The event was great fun – and brilliant value for money.”

Bryn J

“Hilarious! Played over Zoom, in 6 locations, including 2 countries. Even our 78 year old mother managed it!”

Joseph H

“A great night with friends! Will definitely be going with these guys again!”

Tori K

How do you create a personalised murder mystery game?

1. Choose a murder mystery game based on the number of guests

Choose whether you want to personalise a game for:

  • A Dinner Party Mystery for 6–10 people (Build now)
  • An Event Mystery for 12–200+ people (Comming soon!)

2. Fill in your murder mystery game details

Anytime before your party use our murder mystery builder to create your personalised game.

You decide:

  • Who's the victim?
  • Where does the murder happen?
  • What are the character names?

Plus lots more!

You're the murder mystery creator – so have fun and get creative!

It should all take less than 15 mins to complete.

3. Send players your unique game link

Text, email or post your unique game link.

It contains character information and hints and tips on how to play – so they can get prepared to play the game.

You will be the Host.

The players won't be able to play until you start the game.

4. Play the game

When you're ready to play – give the players access with a secret game code!

You'll play the game together over a few rounds using your phones.

Rounds include a combination of:

  • The Script – all the players read through a script together
  • Questioning & Evidence – you all go off script and can talk openly about who you think dunnit! There will be prompts to help you get information out of each other
  • Voting – where guests vote for who you think the murderer is

The whole game takes about 1-2 hours.

(There's a printable PDF version of the who dunnit game script too – just in case someone's battery dies!)

Online or in-person

Play on Zoom or get together

Create your own murder mystery

Customise your game script

Quick and simple to build

Only take 15 mins to create

Add your own charters

Use real names or make them up

Play along on your phone

Or print out the PDF script

Fun for everyone

Detectives aged 11+

Whodunnit game night

A murder mystery game to play with friends

Crime solving game

Solve the game online

How do you play a murder mystery game?

There are a few variants of murder mystery games you can play.

The most common are:

Scripted Dinner Party Murder Mystery

Players are given a script to read which includes character background information, questions to ask and general murder plot dialogue.

Players tend to stay in the same place for the duration of the game.

The guided nature of the script makes this option a great ice breaker for small groups that don’t know each other well.

A scripted game works well for small groups of 6–20 guests.

Interactive Event Murder Mystery

These murder mystery games rely on ‘cast members'.

Players don’t have a script but instead, mingle, interact and even interrogate cast members.

The characters are free to roam in a less linear fashion.

There are often sub-plots and character goals running alongside the main whodunnit murder mystery.

An interactive game works well for 12 or more detective guests – up to large groups of up to 200.

Where can I host my murder mystery game?

People imagine playing the game in a murder mystery mansion to be the perfect setting.

But as long as the script is good and the players are keen – almost anywhere will do.

You can play a murder mystery game:

  • Home
  • Work Office
  • Scouts / Girl Guides
  • Church
  • Youth Group
  • School
  • Village Hall
  • Your Garden
  • Virtual / Remote / Online murdering – via Zoom, FaceTime, Google Meet, etc.

Did you know?

It’s believed murder mystery game’s evolved from the ‘Wink Murder’ game in from the early 1900’s – where a pre-selected participant could kill other players by winking at them 😉

How long does a murder mystery game take to play?

You’ll typically need to set aside 1–2 hours to play a scripted murder mystery game.

Though you can easily double that time if you’re playing it as part of a murder mystery dinner party.

If you’re pushed for time – you can whizz through much quicker. It’s up to you to dictate the pace.

An Interactive game can take much longer – sometimes spanning whole a murder mystery weekend.

Murder mystery game characters and costumes

To get in the murder mystery mood players may want to dress in character.

What players wear usually depends on the theme of the game.

You don’t have to go down the typical Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot, Miss Marple or Colonel Mustard costume route.

You could theme it for a specific occasion; a Christmas murder mystery, a Halloween murder mystery party – or even a murder mystery hen party!

When you build a personalised You Dunnit murder mystery game — players are emailed information about their character so they know who they’re playing and what to wear.

For more theme and costume ideas head over to our How to host a murder mystery dinner party page.

Did you know?

Cluedo – the most famous murder mystery board game was first released in 1949. And is still popular today.

Create your own murder mystery game

As far as we know, there are 2 ways: An easy way. And a hard way!

1. The easy way! Use You Dunnit's personalised murder mystery builder

All the benefits of a custom murder mystery game without the hassle, stress or price : )

Create a personalised murder mystery game

  • Create your game in less than 15 mins
  • Delivered instantly to your phone
  • Play with friends in real life or online
Build My Personalised Murder Mystery Game

2. The hard way! Write your own murder mystery game script [Step by step guide]

Even if you’re a keen writer – writing you’re own murder mystery game might be harder than you think.

Once you’ve set aside enough time, pushed through your writer’s block – coming up with a logical and coherent murder mystery that’s fun and engaging to play (with red herrings along the way) can be tough.

But if you’re still up for the challenge – we’ve put together a helpful guide called: How to write a murder mystery game 👈. Good luck!