Personalised murder mystery hen party game: Clean, classy and fun!

An original, clean, fun hen party game idea the bride will love

Matt Ellis

Written by: Matt Ellis
Jun 22, 2020

There’s always pressure for the maid of honour to come up with some good, fun, original hen party game ideas. Whilst fancy dress, L Plates and drinking games are the norm – a great alternative for a hen party game is... a murder mystery! Here’s why:

5 reasons why a murder mystery is a great hen party game

1. It’s a sophisticated and classy hen party game

Let’s be honest — hen parties don't always have a good reputation as being a sophisticated affair.

There is absolutely a time and place for a lairy hen night — but sometimes it just needs to be a little more low key.

Sipping G&T through willy straws while the Grandma of the bride reminisces about her as a young girl could get a little uncomfortable.

And taking turns to hold back the bride’s hair whilst she’s making an offering to the porcelain god isn’t everyone's idea of a good night out either!

A murder mystery doesn’t need to be like this. You can make it as fancy and sophisticated as you’d like (and include willy straws if you really want to).

2. It’s fun and inclusive for all the hens

One of the great things about doing a whodunnit murder mystery game at hen party is that everyone can be included.

It doesn't have to rely on alcohol or drinking games (though it could if you wanted!) — so drinkers and non-drinkers, young and old — and even Grandma can all play along together.

3. It’s a great icebreaker for hens that don’t know each other

Hen parties often bring together new and old acquaintances. It's likely that many of the hens have never met before.

But the beauty of a murder mystery is that everyone in the group will need to interact with each other at some point during the game — so no-one is left out.

Play the game at the start of the night and it’ll get everyone talking — and will hopefully build friendships that will last evening and beyond.

Are you looking for hen weekend ideas? You might be mixing hen nights out with hen nights in, so this works as a great option to have a murder mystery party when you’re all back at your apartment in the evening before you head out to hit the town.

4. It works for small and large hen party groups

No matter what size your hen party group a murder mystery can work well. From a small group at home to a large group in a restaurant and beyond.

Nature of the game forces people to interact with one another — and eliminate cliques groups and brings together the outsiders who don't know anyone.

5. It's easy to host a murder mystery hen party

It’s seriously easy to host! Even if you’ve never done one before.

A personalised murder mystery game for your hen party

If you do decide on a murder mystery for the hen party — why not choose a personalised murder mystery game?

You might even be in the creative mood and asking; how can I write a murder mystery? Could I create a game which is unique to my group? How do I write a murder mystery story and turn it into a game?

If you've got the time – you could always write your own murder mystery game script.

But there is a better way…

You Dunnit is our personalised murder mystery game builder.

And it is awesome!

The game builder allows you to quickly and easily create a customised murder mystery script – written especially for your hen party guests.

As the murder mystery author you decide:

  • Who the victim is
  • Where the murder happens
  • All the character names
  • Plus lots more!

There are unlimited possibilities – with hilarious outcomes!

If you’re looking for a cheap hen party idea, You Dunnit is a low cost but high-quality game which is receiving great reviews!

Quick and easy to set up

Your murder mystery can be ready in under 15 mins. Not even Amazon Prime next day delivery can beat that!

In fact – our builder is so easy to use that even an impromptu murder mystery evening is possible when you're with a group of friends.

You could literally start the builder now – and be playing the game in 15 mins. And it’s delivered straight to your phones and ready for you and the hens to play.

How can I Personalised my murder mystery game for my hen party guests?

Because it's a personalised murder mystery – you can tailor it specifically for your guests.

You can customise the hen party game to include:

  • Nicknames
  • Local hangouts
  • Old school teachers
  • In-jokes
  • Amusing murder weapons

The bride to be and the rest of the girls will love it!

And there's no reason why you couldn't add a drinking game element to the mystery – to make guessing the murderer even more fun!

Perhaps the winning detective can crack open another bottle of Champagne? 🥂

Can we play the murder mystery game on our phones?

One of the other great thing about You Dunnit is that once the murder mystery game is built – it's delivered instantly to all the player’s phones.

Players log in with a unique game code to start the game – and all read through the personalised game script together on their phones.

...Or can I download the hen party game scripts and and print them out?

But just in case somebody forgot their phone – or their battery run out there's a printable version of the murder mystery script available to download as a backup hen party kit.

Choose your hen party murder mystery theme!

The online murder mystery game builder gives you several themes to choose from (with more coming soon). There are endless opportunities to dress up, make-up, glam-up and get into character:

You could go for the classic murder mystery get-ups:

Or straight down the line – hen party fancy dress code:

  • Angles & Devils
  • Naughty Nurses
  • Pink Ladies
  • L-Plates / Penis Paraphernalia
  • Spices Girl (if you really-really want)

It’s totally up to you!

Play murder mystery hen party games at home, out & about – or even online!

Because You Dunnit murder mysteries are played on your smartphone, laptop or tablet – you're not limited to where you can play it.

You can play together in the same room, restaurant, or haunted mansion! (If you have access to one!)

Or if you can't physically be together (AKA Covid-19!) you can all play the game using video chat.

You Dunnit works on any of the popular video chat services:

  • FaceTime
  • Zoom
  • Skype
  • Facebook Messenger
  • WhatsApp
  • And loads more...

If you’re feeling really technically fancy you could mix it up and have a group of people together in a room – and a separate set of people on video calls!

This is great if people physically can’t make it to the murder mystery party. They can literary just dial from any location in the world and be a murder mystery detective without having to travel.

Sure Vegas would be great — but you can play a murder mystery pretty much anywhere:

  • At your home
  • In your Garden
  • In a restaurant
  • In a pub
  • At the work office
  • In a church / school / village hall
  • Online / Virtual / Remote – using Zoom, FaceTime, Google Meet, etc.

Or a haunted mansion if you have one.

Best of all… it’s an original hen party game

This is NOT another Mr and Mrs hen party game!

With the ability to customise and personalise your murder mystery game – no one in your hen group will have ever played a murder mystery quite like this!

Create a personalised murder mystery hen party game

  • Create your game in less than 15 mins
  • Delivered instantly to your hen's phone
  • Play with friends (and hens!) in real life or online
Build My Personalised Murder Mystery Game

How to write a murder mystery game for your hen party, You Dunnit style!

1. Choose a game based on the number of hen party guests

Choose whether you want to personalise a game for:

  • A Dinner Party Mystery for 6–10 hens
  • An Event Mystery for 12–200+ hens

2. Fill in your murder mystery hen party game details

Anytime before your party use our murder mystery builder to create your personalised game.

Remember, you decide:

  • Who's the victim? (One of the bride’s ex-boyfriends?)
  • Where does the murder happen? (The church?)
  • What are the character names? (Make them up or keep them real)
  • Plus lots more!

You're the murder mystery creator – so have fun and get creative!

Building your game should take less than 15 mins to complete.

3. Send the hens the unique game link

Text, email, WhatsApp or post your unique game link.

It contains character information and hints and tips on how to play – so the other hens can get prepared to play the game (that includes choosing what to wear).

4. Play the game

On the day of the hen party when you're ready to play – give the players access with a secret game code.

You'll play the game together over a few rounds using your phones.

The rounds include a combination of:

  • The Script – all the hens read through a script together
  • Questioning & Evidence – you all go off script and can talk openly about who you think dunnit! There will be prompts to help you get information out of each other
  • Voting – where hens vote for who they think the murderer is

The whole game takes about 1-2 hours and is a memorable way to send the bride off before she gets married!