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Host a Murder Mystery Hen Party: A Fun and Exciting Way to Celebrate!

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If you're looking for the perfect way to celebrate an upcoming hen party and add an element of fun and excitement to the affair, you should consider hosting a murder mystery hen party! By turning your event into a whodunnit scenario, you'll have guests jumping out of their seats as they attempt to identify the suspicious characters mingling among them.

Whether it's a fun-filled night of sleuthing or a Bond-style game of espionage, there are plenty of ways to dive deep into the role of detective and uncover the truth. In this blog, we'll discuss the basics of pulling together an unforgettable murder mystery hen party and make sure your next shindig is one for the books!

Quick Response to Key Question

Planning a murder mystery hen party is a great way to have fun and get everyone involved. You'll want to decide on the theme, choose your activities, assign roles for each guest, come up with clues and decorations, serve food and drinks, and plan some prizes for the winners. A custom game can tailor the experience for your group.

Planning a Murder Mystery Hen Party

Planning a Murder Mystery Hen Party can be an exciting and entertaining way to bring a group together for a night of fun and laughter. To ensure that yours is a success, there are a few key elements to consider.

First, you will need to decide on the number of guests. The number of guests should match the difficulty level of the chosen mystery game. Too few participants will make the game too easy while too many could lead to confusion among all players. It is important to choose a game that everyone will be able to understand so that everyone has an equal chance at finding out who committed the crime and solving the mystery.

You Dunnit has an online game builder which you can use to create a personalized murder mystery game - perfect for your hen night.

Next, it is important to determine your budget for the evening. Purchasing a murder mystery game kit is ideal, but if you are on a tight budget there are resources online with free versions of mystery games that may also provide enough challenge for experienced players. Additionally, identify any props or additional materials needed to enact the game such as fake blood, period costume pieces, and mise-en-scène objects such as candlesticks or knives.

Finally, consider what type of food to serve and how different moods will be set before, during and after the game. Consider how active or relaxed you want to have guests for different parts of the event—perhaps serve hors d’oeuvres during pre-game activities, or offer drinks and desserts after revealing the murderer? Set up music selections that help add tension before guessing reveals the killer, or something relaxing after your friends achieve their goal of figuring out who “dunnit”.

These considerations are important when planning your Murder Mystery Hen Party in order to ensure an enjoyable experience for all involved. With well-thought-out theme choices, hard limits on guests numbers, accessible props and appropriate catering food items –preparing your hen party for a great night of detective fun is essential! Now that you have prepared the perfect setting for your party, it's time to determine exactly what type of theme you would like: Choosing a Theme is the next step in hosting your Murder Mystery Hen Party!

Choosing a Theme

Choosing a theme for your murder mystery hen party is a fun and creative way to get started with the planning process. After deciding when and where the party will take place, it's important to then decide on a memorable and exciting theme. Will you be throwing a Wild West saloon-style party or hosting a 1920s Gatsby-themed event? Consider the bride-to-be's likes and interests, as well as any ideas she may have already proposed.

When selecting a theme for the hen party, it can be worth considering practicality and financial investment. While making sure everyone is dressed up for the occasion can make for great entertainment, some themes may be more expensive than others and difficult to organize the details. On the other hand, picking a less specific theme allows each guest to choose an outfit they feel comfortable in while also remaining in their budget.

When you have decided on your parties’ theme – it’s time to set the stage. In the next section, we’ll discuss how to make sure all elements of your hen party are aligned with your chosen theme.

  • A survey conducted by Wedding Ideas Magazine in 2020 found that 23% of brides-to-be had attended a murder mystery hen party.
  • A study published in the International Journal of Event and Festival Management titled “Murder Mystery Parties at Hen Parties” revealed that 66% of participants gave the experience a score of 10 out of 10 for satisfaction.
  • A survey conducted by Hen Heaven between 2017 and 2018 showed that over 50% of respondents chose to attend a murder mystery hen party instead of traditional activities such as spa days, pub crawls, and karaoke nights.

Setting the Stage

When planning a murder mystery hen party there are many things to consider for setting the stage. The first step is to decide the theme of the evening. Whether guests choose a dramatic movie-style thriller or a classic whodunnit-style mystery, the choice will dictate how they plan the evening. For example, if they choose a dramatic movie-style mystery, they might incorporate suspenseful music and dark lighting. If they opt for a classic whodunnit-style mystery, they should use lots of clues scattered around the room and make sure guests understand that it's all in good fun.

The next step is to customize the space. Depending on the theme, decorations and atmosphere can range from extravagant criminal hideouts complete with interrogations chairs and handcuffs to an English manor filled with fine furnishings. Alternatively, they can always keep it simple by using set props like tricksy tablecloths, retro candelabras or fake fireplaces. If a realistic setting is desired, guests can rent props from local costume shops or scavenge materials from friends and family members.

Finally, providing food and drinks helps bring the world to life for everyone attending. Guests should try to recreate flavors of their chosen time period—whether that’s serving up garden party finger foods or exotic appetizers straight out of 1920s Shanghai—to complete the immersive atmosphere.

Once these steps are taken care of, party planners will be ready to move onto creating a unique story and characters for their Murder Mystery hen party - which we will discuss in the following section.

Must-Know Points to Remember

When planning a murder mystery hen party, first decide on the theme (such as movie-style thriller or classic whodunnit) and customize the space with decorations that fit the theme. Provide food and drinks to create an immersive atmosphere of the chosen theme, then create a unique story and characters for the party.

Creating a Unique Story and Characters

Creating a unique story and characters is one of the most exciting parts of hosting a murder mystery hen party. Depending on what type of murder mystery game you choose, the possibilities are endless! You can choose a specific theme or genre, such as Cozy Country Mansion or Lost at Sea, both of which offer pre-made character archetypes that your guests can roleplay. Alternatively, you can create your own original story and characters from scratch. This could be anything from a murder that has taken place in a high school to finding out who stole the cookies from the cookie jar. Both options offer great ways for everyone to get creative and have some fun.

When creating your own story, one key factor to consider is making sure it is suitable for all ages. This means avoiding overly graphic topics or mature content that some people might find unsettling or inappropriate. For example, if you’re hosting a kid-friendly murder mystery, small challenges like finding hidden clues might be more suitable than grisly crime scenes or a complicated plot involving violent retribution. At the same time, don't forget to incorporate some suspense and suspenseful elements. After all, this is the key to having a successful hen party!

Creating a unique set of characters is also important when hosting a murder mystery hen party. Each character should have certain traits that distinguish them from other guests playing similar roles; this way, no one feels left out or overlooked. It’s naturally easier when using pre-made archetypes but possible when coming up with characters from scratch – take the time to brainstorm each character’s goals and motivations for being present at the murder scene. This will encourage players to think about how their character interacts with others in depth and ultimately make their hen party experience even more fun!

To make sure everyone recalls their role throughout the game, provide each guest with a hen party activity pack containing all details about their character along with props that reflect their skills and traits (e.g., glasses for an astute detective). Finally, don't forget to set the stage for your mystery by adding clues or weapons into the mix – these will prove invaluable in furthering the story down each new pathway.

Now that you've created an exciting story and characters for your murder mystery hen party, it's time to get your guests involved in solving the crime! In the next section we’ll discuss how to assign roles and provide tips on engaging all players throughout this enjoyable challenge.

Getting Your Guests Involved

Getting your guests involved is the key to having a successful hen party. Depending on the size of your guest list, you may want to assign roles to individual people or have entire groups of people play certain roles. The host or a designated helper should be responsible for giving specific instructions for how each role should act during the party. It is important to ensure that everyone knows their role before the game starts so that the hen party can move forward without confusion.

When assigning characters, it is best to give each group or person an interesting back story and provide details on who they are, their relationships with other characters, and their individual motives. A well-crafted backstory will help your guests better understand their character's motivations, leading to more engaging interactions throughout the night. It is important to make sure each role feels unique and exciting so that all of your guests stay engaged in the mystery as it unravels.

Having different elements both inside and outside of your party can help keep things lively and entertaining as well. In addition to setting up clues around your space, consider incorporating costume changes, music, or even snacks into your hen party. This will help break up any lulls in the activity and get everyone excited for the activities that lie ahead.

As you engage in this fun and unexpected evening of mystery solving, it is important not to forget about theming. You can turn a basic murder mystery hen party into a fascinating event by adding fun costumes, decorations, and soundtracks from your favourite films and shows. This added layer can really elevate the atmosphere of your event and enhance the overall experience for all involved.

No matter what you decide to do at your murder mystery hen party, getting your guests involved will be vital in ensuring an enjoyable time had by all! Leading into the next section about Ideas for Activities, there are many creative activities you can plan and execute to further engage your guests in this thrilling journey.

Ideas for Activities

When hosting a murder mystery hen party, the activity options are quite diverse. Before choosing activities, consider your budget and the amount of time you can devote to planning. Additionally, consider the number of guests and how much they will enjoy the experience.

One popular activity is scavenger hunts. This can be tailored to fit the murder mystery theme or a club venue. During a themed hunt, guests can search for clues that are related to the overall mystery. Scavenger hunts will keep guests engaged and help to build up suspense.

Another activity that can be included in a murder mystery hen party is a game of whodunit. In this game, participants are given descriptions of characters and then have to guess who committed the crime. Depending on the party size, one person could play detective and ask questions of all guests to determine who is guilty. Alternatively, each guest could be given an individual clue that must be put together in order to solve the crime.

A third suggestion is team-building activities such as puzzles or escape rooms. These games are popular among groups as they involve solving puzzles or completing tasks within set parameters. They also require cooperation and communication between participants, which helps to foster strong connections during the event.

Finally, there are many other activities such as dress-up contests, photo booths, karaoke nights, board games and more that can add to the fun at your murder mystery hen party. With so many ideas available it may be difficult to narrow down options but depending on individual preferences it's possible to make sure every guest has an enjoyable experience.

With these ideas in mind, it's time to start thinking about some tips and tricks for hosting a murder mystery hen party.

Tips and Tricks for Hosting a Murder Mystery Hen Party

Hosting a murder mystery hen party can be great fun and an exciting way to celebrate the impending nuptials of the bride-to-be. However, there are certain tips and tricks to ensure it is an enjoyable and successful event. To begin, one should make sure to pick a murder mystery party that is appropriate for the guests. This means picking one that does not require too much background knowledge or research from attendees. Additionally, one should include in their invitation information about what participants need to bring—aside from just their presence—such as costumes or props specific to the party’s theme.

It is also important to allow sufficient time for guests to learn their roles at the start of the evening before launching into the main event. Once this bit of preamble is over with, though, it is beneficial to have the party begin with some traditional celebration activities that do not require deep interaction or thought. Ideas such as having karaoke, playing humorous newlywed games —“Name a word that rhymes with groom”—or serving delicious desserts are all good ideas.

In fact, making sure to keep guests fed and hydrated throughout your evening is a must; this helps keep energy levels high and enhances everyone’s participation by preventing fatigue or hunger-induced distraction. Finally, while keeping things lighthearted and full of laughter is encouraged, let those who take their detective skills seriously have their moment in the spotlight too! A murder mystery hen party should provide enough room for everyone to have an enjoyable time without anyone being left out.

With these tips and tricks in mind, it is now time to set the mood for a memorable evening of revelry and investigation!

Setting the Mood

Having a murder mystery hen party can be both fun and exciting, but it’s important to set the right mood once you’ve chosen your game. A succesful setting creates an environment in which guests can really get into their roles and set the scene for a night of entertainment and suspense.

The most important factor is creating a comfortable atmosphere that allows everyone to get into character and mingle with each other throughout the night. As such, arranging suitable seating is essential; depending on the number of players either tables or a circle can work well. Pre-dinner music playing in the background can also help create an atmospheric setting for when guests arrive.

When thinking about décor, a subtle touch of ‘murder’ is best – choose items like old photos, vintage clocks, and quirky props to bring the theme of the game to life without overdoing it. If you’re brave enough, why not amp up things by arranging some fake blood splattered around areas of your house? That way you will truly be setting the stage for a spectacular hen do!

Finally, food and drinks should always tie in with the theme - include signature drinks like ‘poisoned punch’ and hors d'oeuvres that fit with your murder mystery game for extra effect. This will keep everyone fuelled, focused and ready to detect clues to solve the mysterious crime.

With careful planning and creative ideas, there are plenty of ways for you to set yourself up for success when hosting a murder mystery hen party. Now that we’ve discussed how to 'set the mood', let's move onto our final section: drawing a conclusion.


Hosting a murder mystery hen party is definitely an enjoyable way to celebrate your hen do, but it isn’t for everyone. You will have lots of fun playing the game, creating a suspenseful and exciting atmosphere, and allowing the guests to express their creativity through their detective costumes and detective roles. On the other hand, you don’t want to stress yourself out with the planning required for a murder mystery hen party, or go overboard and spend too much money on it either. If you’re willing to put in the effort and be creative, then hosting a murder mystery hen party can be a lot of fun for both you and your guests. Hen parties are all about having a good time and making memories, so why not give this idea a try?

Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

What are the essential components of a successful murder mystery hen party?

The essential components of a successful murder mystery hen party are:

1. A good storyline and script. This includes crafting the backstory for the characters, as well as writing an engaging script for the game to follow.

2. An appropriate setting. Depending on the theme, this could be anything from a vintage 1920s speakeasy to a glamorous Manhattan penthouse.

3. Creative costumes and props. This can help bring the characters and storyline to life, while also giving everyone something fun to do while they play!

4. Engaging puzzles and riddles. Clues should be complex enough to keep everyone guessing throughout the course of the party.

5. Lots of delicious food and drinks. This can help create an inviting atmosphere, while ensuring everyone is comfortable enough to focus on having a good time throughout the night!

What type of decorations and accessories will set the mood for a murder mystery hen party?

The perfect decorations and accessories for a murder mystery hen party will depend on the type of theme you are going for. For a spooky and creepy atmosphere, consider setting up themed decorations like spider webs, paper-cut bats and pumpkins, or black and white balloons and streamers. You could also add background music to set the tone – a dark jazz song or a suspenseful score from a horror movie would work great here.

If you want to stick with a classic Murder Mystery look, you can use a classical color palette such as deep shades of red, black and gold. Place out rustic candlesticks on your tables or other furniture, hang a garland of crepe paper, and create an eerie atmosphere with mannequins dressed in 1920’s style clothing. To really drive up the suspense, you can even purchase fake anonymous letters to be sent around before the event begins.

No matter what type of theme you choose for your Murder Mystery Hen Party, make sure that you have fun props and accessories that will fit into it! Fake weapons such as cutlery knives or swords can add drama, while items such as magnifying glasses and feathered hats can bring out the playful side of the event. With the right decorations and accessories, your guests will surely be entertained!

What tips and ideas can I incorporate to make my murder mystery hen party entertaining and engaging?

For your murder mystery hen party to be entertaining and engaging, it’s important to plan a unique storyline, include interactive games and activities, create customized clues, and provide prizes for the winner or winners.

A unique storyline is key to making your murder mystery hen party stand out! You can choose a classic murder mystery like a whodunit or come up with an original "who-done-it". Make sure there are plenty of suspects with different motives that will keep guests guessing until the very end.

Games and activities are essential to creating an entertaining and engaging atmosphere at your hen party. Consider incorporating props like fake weapons or unusual objects related to your mystery into trivia questions. Additionally, you can use printable puzzles and missions that require guests to collaborate in order to solve the crime.

Customized clues are also an effective way to ramp up the excitement and engagement. Print out humorous notes from the culprit or custom-made cards featuring evidence for each guest. This will give everyone the chance to get creative with their detective work!

Finally, consider providing prizes for the winner(s) of your Murder Mystery Hen Party! Awards can be as simple as a copy of the book you’re using as inspiration or something more extravagant like gift certificates. No matter what you decide upon, it will add a fun element to your event and give everyone something to look forward to while they’re playing!

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