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What is a Murder Mystery Game Simulator?

Murder mystery games are party games that revolve around a simulated murder investigation. Players, often referred to as guests, are assigned characters and work together to solve the mystery of who among them is the killer.

These games are often held at dinner parties, but can also be played over video call platforms like Zoom.

Play your murder mystery party online or in person

Play your murder mystery dinner party with your friends – around the table or on Zoom, Teams or FaceTime.


Write your murder mystery simulation

Wow your friends with your creation


Invite your guests round or meet them online

Why not build your simulations with the characters based on your real life friends?


If you live far apart, you can still play!

Scripts can be accessed via your mobile devices. Easy!

What does the host do at a murder mystery party?

The host of the murder mystery game typically provides the guests with information about their characters, including their motive for murder and their alibi for the time of the crime.

Clues and evidence are scattered throughout the event, and it is up to the guests to gather and interpret these clues in order to determine the identity of the killer.

Why wait? Build now! It only takes 15 minutes...

“It was so much fun and easy for people to get involved. A really brilliant murder mystery story!”

Nick T

“Everyone was engaged from the start and threw themselves into solving the murder. The event was great fun – and brilliant value for money.”

Bryn J

“Hilarious! Played over Zoom, in 6 locations, including 2 countries. Even our 78 year old mother managed it!”

Joseph H

“A great night with friends! Will definitely be going with these guys again!”

Tori K

What happens in a typical Murder Mystery Simulation?

As the guests investigate, they may question one another and consider the various motives of the suspects. Some murder mystery games even include a trial or hearing, where a judge and jury are selected among the guests and the killer is sentenced based on the evidence presented.

Play together in person or play online

Join in one room or on zoom

Make your own murder mystery now

Personalize your simulation

Quick and simple to write

Only 15 minutes to build - but then you can play anytime you like

Write your own character names

Base them on real or fictitious people

Access scripts on your cell phone

Or print out PDF versions

Suitable games for all

For all detectives aged 11+

Whodunnit Simulator

Keep your friends and family guessing until the end

Judge and Jury

You decide who you think the killer is and everyone votes

What Skill do you need to play a murder mystery game?

Murder mystery games can be a fun and interactive way to spend an evening with friends or family.

They require players to pay attention to detail, use their critical thinking skills, and work together as a team in order to solve the mystery.

Let's go!

What's included?

You Dunnit offers the chance to create your own murder mystery game kit, with everything you need to host your own murder mystery party, including character information, clues, and even costume suggestions. These kits are often themed, and it's your choice; ranging from a 1920s speakeasy to a murder on a futuristic space station.

When should your simulated Murder Mystery Event take place?

Whether you are hosting a murder mystery party for a birthday or just looking for a unique way to spend a night in with friends, murder mystery games can be a fun and exciting option.

Think ahead to get the details just right...

With a little bit of advance planning and attention to detail, you can create an immersive and engaging experience for everyone involved.

Where do Murder Mystery games come from?

Murder mystery parties originated from ‘Wink Murder’ game from over 100 years ago. The secret 'murderer' kills other players by winking at them, while the a 'guesser' have to work out who it is before everyone is killed off! 😉