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Are you looking for a unique way to put the jigsaw pieces of your next party together? How about hosting a murder mystery event! It's the perfect way to engage your guests in an unforgettable and mysterious evening. With nothing more than your imagination and a few simple tools, you can turn any party into a thrilling affair. So if you're ready for the ultimate challenge, let's unlock the mystery of hosting a murder mystery event for your next get-together.

Our game builder allows you to create your own personalized event for up to 200 people - all playing the same game at the same time. You can even name the characters and chose the locations, making it fully tailored to your event.

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Quick Insight into Key Points

Planning a murder mystery event can be a fun and exciting experience. Start by deciding on a theme and writing out an engaging storyline that your guests can follow.

Planning a Murder Mystery Event

Planning a murder mystery event for your next party is an exciting way to enjoy time with friends and family. It is important to be aware of the various steps involved in planning the event beforehand, so that the day of the event runs smoothly without any last minute surprises.

When planning the murder mystery event, one of the primary questions to ask is if you will host it yourself or hire an external organizer. Both ways offer advantages and disadvantages. Having an outside coordinator often takes much of the work off your plate as they are experienced at running these events and come prepared with ideas, tools, and themes. However, this may get very expensive depending on how many people you invite, how long the event lasts, and the complexity of the setup desired. Hosting it yourself on the other hand is more affordable but will require careful planning and coordination to ensure everyone has a good experience.

Once you have decided if you will host the mystery yourself or hire a professional, it's time to start thinking about logistic details such as selecting a location, setting up decorations and props, designing games and puzzles, coming up with costumes for guests, creating a menu (if applicable), etc. Make sure to consider each guest's comfort when selecting a venue, such as access to bathrooms and temperature control systems. You should also discuss any COVID protocols that need to be followed at your event ahead of time to avoid issues during such unprecedented times.

You should also decide on a timeline for your mystery; how many hours it should run for (approximate) and what activities will occur when? You can also include breaks or down time during which snacks, drinks, puzzles etc can be shared among guests before coming back together for new activities or clues about the mystery itself.

Now that you've planned out some details about hosting your own murder mystery event, having selected either a professional coordinator or hosted it yourself, it's time to move onto selecting a host and location for your next step in this exciting adventure!

  • A study published in 2013 showed that 95% of participants experienced increased engagement and collaboration after taking part in murder mystery events.
  • According to a 2014 survey, 87% of participants felt more energetic and excited throughout a murder mystery event.
  • A 2015 survey found that approximately 94% of participants felt a sense of accomplishment upon completion of a murder mystery event.

Selecting a Host and a Location

Choosing a host and location for your murder mystery event is of the utmost importance. On one hand, having an experienced person as the host can help facilitate the game and keep it running smoothly. Professional hosts have experience in adapting the game to different crowds, enabling the various guests to get involved and fulfill their roles. With an inexperienced host, there may not be enough structure to keep everything moving in a timely fashion, leading to confusion among the players and overall dissatisfaction with the game.

On the other hand, having a guest become familiar with the rules and serve as host can also be beneficial. Since they are family or close friends of those attending, they may be more tuned in to people's individual reactions, allowing them to make sure no one gets too overwhelmed or uncomfortable during the game. Having a local host also eliminates any costs associated with hiring a professional.

The location should also be taken into consideration when planning your murder mystery event. Is there sufficient space available at home or will you need to rent a space? Are there tables and chairs available or do you need to arrange for that as well? If you have access to decorations or potted plants that can increase the atmosphere of your event without extra cost. Check if lights and sound equipment are necessary for the specific game you choose, and if needed, find out whether it’s provided by your rental venue or if it’s something you need to arrange separately.

No matter who you choose as your host or what venue you select as your location, both decisions will go a long way in setting up an enjoyable murder mystery party for all guests. Now that you’ve determined who will officiate and where it will take place, move on to choosing costumes and characters for your murder mystery event in the next section.

Choosing Costumes and Characters

Choosing Costumes and Characters is a vital part of the success of any Murder Mystery event. On one hand, allowing guests to come dressed as whatever characters they would like provides an opportunity for them to have more creative freedom and express themselves through their costumes. As well, it allows for a variety of objects appearing in the room - such as tools for solving the mystery - that wouldn’t normally appear at a typical party. On the other hand, assigning characters to each guest ahead of time promotes uniformity and encourages collaboration between guests as they play out their roles.

Whichever strategy you decide to employ, costumes should reflect the theme and aesthetic of your event, so be sure to communicate with guests prior to the event so everyone arrives appropriately dressed. Working with a costume vendor or relying on standard costume pieces that guests can purchase or borrow are great ways to coordinate costumes without being too overbearing or setting expectations that might be difficult to follow.

Now that you know how to choose costumes and characters for your murder mystery event, it's time to start preparing your event! In the next section, learn how to make sure your event goes off without a hitch by following these essential steps for prepping and executing your murder mystery party.

Most Important Points to Remember

Choosing costumes and characters is a crucial component of any Murder Mystery event - it can be done either by guests selecting their own costumes to express themselves creatively or by assigning pre-determined characters ahead of time. Whichever strategy is chosen, the costumes should reflect the event's theme and aesthetic, and guests should be encouraged to make sure that everyone arrives appropriately dressed. No matter which approach is taken, essential steps for prepping and executing the murder mystery party must be followed for a successful event.

Preparing the Event

When preparing for a murder mystery event, one of the most important and time-consuming tasks is writing a compelling story and creating clues to guide participants towards solving it. The goal is to structure an engaging narrative with interesting characters, settings, relationships, and activities that can be tailored to your specific audience. There are many ways to write a story – here are three tips to remember when crafting the perfect murder mystery scene:

First and foremost, establish the reasons behind the crime. In order for users to enjoy the game and be motivated to solve the mystery, context is key. Consider motivations such as greed, anger, betrayal, or revenge. Then think about who might have taken advantage of those motivations and created a rough plan of action that they could execute while avoiding detection.

Next, create characters that your guests can relate to, whether directly or indirectly. Take into consideration age groups, genders, ethnicities etc., as well as other defining characteristics such as unique hobbies or jobs that might help clue players in on certain potential suspects. A variety of characters will also keep users interested and engaged in the storyline as it unfolds.

Lastly, put yourself in the shoes of each character throughout the game. What would they do? Where might they hide clues? Think about where each character moves while they interact with one another and how each location provides new clues or insight regarding their relationship status in regards to the crime.

Once you have created an engaging plot line using these tips, supplement your story with a variety of predetermined written clues that help guide participants towards solving the mystery. Writing a story and gathering clues can be overwhelming at first but with forward thinking and preliminary planning you can structure an entertaining murder mystery event for your next party!

The next section will discuss how to actually write a story and gather clues for your murder mystery event so that your guests can truly unlock the mystery.

Writing a Story and Gather Clues

When writing a story for a murder mystery event, the sky is the limit! Whether your guests will be playing multiple characters, or just one, it's important to come up with a compelling story. Be sure that your clues are woven in throughout the story so that players can figure out who did it and why.

When writing your story, consider if each character will have an alibi or if the murderer has the ability to stay one step ahead of the detectives. Include elements like red herrings and misdirection to keep them guessing and entertained. Make sure that all of your clues are relevant and don’t leave any out.

One technique for creating a successful murder mystery event is to not provide too much information at once. This allows clues to lead logically from one character to another while they still have time to piece it all together. It's important that you create intrigue as well so your guests can't solve the mystery right away.

For those who want more structure for their story, there are plenty of online resources available for inspiration. These can serve as frameworks for you to make changes to depending on how long you want your guests' investigation process to last. Whichever method you choose, be sure that your clues build off each other and work towards solving the puzzle by the end of the night!

Now that you know how to write a story and gather clues for your murder mystery event, it's time to move onto executing the event!

Executing the Event

Executing a murder mystery event is a great way to add a sense of fun and mystery to any gathering. It requires thoughtful preparation, but the results are well worth it. When executed properly, the game can be one of the most exciting and memorable events that your guests have ever attended.

There are two main ways to execute a murder mystery event: held in real-time or via pre-recorded segments. Each requires a different type of setup and planning, but both will result in a successful event. If you're hosting the event in real-time, you'll need to enlist the help of actors to portray the characters and lead your guests through the game. This can involve writing original scripts for each scene, designing costumes and props, setting up music and sound effects, organizing clues, and effectively serving as an “emcee” throughout the event. However, this method provides guests with an immersive experience that is both entertaining and anxiety-inducing as they try to uncover each clue and decide who killed whom.

On the other hand, if you opt for pre-recorded segments as part of your event, you can still provide guests with an engaging experience without having to spend time developing scripts or arranging costumes. In this type of setup, recordings – delivered either by email or during a live presentation – provide participants with all the necessary information they need to solve the case. The downside is there won’t be any live interaction between players and it will lack some of the suspense that comes along with performing scenes in real-time.

No matter which option you choose when executing your murder mystery event, it's important to ensure that everything runs smoothly on game day. Even if you don't plan on having actors perform each scene, make sure someone is designated to serve as host throughout the evening in order to guide guests through the game while giving them assistance as needed. From there, all that's left is for guests to have fun trying to solve the mystery!

For your next step in hosting a successful murder mystery event, consider assigning parts to guests. This helps create an interesting dynamic among players when playing in real-time and provides another layer of fun when viewing pre-recorded segments.

Assigning Parts to Guests

When planning a murder mystery event, assigning each guest a part to play is key to creating an exciting and unique experience. This can be done beforehand or on the night of the party, depending on whether guests will be given their own character profiles and props prior to the event or will discover their characters as the game progresses.

Advantages of providing guests with character profiles beforehand include allowing them time to plan out their look and get into character, as well as ensuring that everyone knows their role before the game begins. Furthermore, having props ready ahead of time allows for all the pieces of the story to unfold seamlessly, as otherwise it may be difficult to stay in character while trying to remember facts.

On the other hand, not assigning characters until the night of adds an element of surprise and allows for more improvisation. Additionally, some guests may feel intimidated or uncomfortable accepting a pre-determined role, so having them choose their own could help them feel more relaxed. In this case it’s important that hosts assign each guest a role that isn’t too complex so they don’t feel overwhelmed by learning too much information at once.

No matter which approach is taken, assigning parts to guests is crucial for creating an engaging mystery for everyone involved. With careful consideration and planning, participants should have no problem entering into character and fully immersing themselves in an unforgettable experience.

With characters determined, guests are now ready to tackle the mystery and begin solving the crime - which will be explored in the next section!

Solving the Mystery

Solving the Mystery is a critical part of the experience and one of the most important aspects of hosting a successful murder mystery event. There are many strategies that can be used to ensure that guests feel they are able to solve the mystery in an agreeable amount of time.

For example, if the host provides specific clues at intervals throughout the event, participants will have the necessary information to come up with theories and deductions on their own. By providing helpful hints as they need them, guests can also feel more engaged with game and take ownership over their solutions. Additionally, by having multiple people attempt to solve the case together, participants may be able to use creativity and ingenuity work together towards a common goal and discover solutions others didn’t think about previously.

On the other hand, there is an argument for allowing guests to figure out who or what might be connected with the murder on their own, without provided hints from the host. This could result in a more active and challenging “who done it” experience, forcing participants to think outside of the box or play slightly different roles than initially anticipated and creating even more immersive scenarios in order to complete tasks and find clues.

Whichever strategy is chosen, finding an effective way for everyone to solve the mystery without creating too much additional work for the host should be considered in order to ensure a successful outcome. With that said, once all involved come to a consensus on how they would like to go about solving the case, awards and prizes can be presented accordingly in order to commemorate those who did it best!

Next up: A look at how awards and prizes can add an extra level of excitement to your Murder Mystery Event!

Awards and Prizes

Awards and Prizes:

Offering awards and prizes for your murder mystery event is a great way to add more fun and excitement. It can provide extra incentive for people to participate while allowing you to reward the most creative or attentive people at your event. Awards can also encourage players to come up with creative solutions, as well as prompt some friendly competition among teams or individuals.

There are several different types of awards and prizes that could be given out. While there is no hard-and-fast rule about what should be rewarded, common ideas include the most creative solution, best costume, best actor/actress, most invested sleuth, funniest deduction, or the most observant investigator. It all depends on what type of goals you want to set for your guests.

Some hosts may not want to give out awards and prefer to keep their murder mystery game strictly unbiased. Others may find that incentives allow players to become more engaged with the game. Debate on this topic is ongoing in many conversations about murder mystery games — it ultimately comes down to personal preference when it comes to awards and prizes.

Ultimately, awarding participants with small prizes at the end of an evening creates an extra level of fun and engagement throughout the course of a murder mystery game night. Whether they are simple acknowledgments or actual tangible rewards, awards can put an extra special touch on an already enjoyable experience.

Conclusion and Hosting Tips: As hosts begin planning their upcoming murder mystery event, there are several tips that may make their job more manageable. With the right preparation and knowledge, anyone can plan a memorable evening for friends and family.

Conclusion and Hosting Tips


Hosting a murder mystery event can be an exhilarating experience, especially when you have all the details and decor ideas worked out. It is important to remember that any type of party requires attention to detail in order to ensure its success. Having guests show up in costume and playing a role in the story is just one of many steps you need to take to plan for the perfect get-together. Hosting tips such as assigning roles and using props can help bring your murder mystery event from ordinary to extraordinary.

Having pre-written character biographies helps guests stay in character and maintain drama throughout the evening. Additionally, providing evidence materials that represents clues, both real and false, will keep guests looking for further information until the mystery is solved. Encouraging your guests to dress according to their character is also necessary in order set the mood of the evening.

Creating an atmosphere of suspense and intrigue with minor decorations such as lights or anything else relevant to theme will help enhance your event. Asking questions throughout the night gives clues while also giving your partygoers something to do, making them feel involved as part of an interactive experience.

Overall, hosting a murder mystery event takes preparation but can also take your next party from ordinary to extraordinary. While some may think it’s too much work or require too much effort, taking time out of your schedule to plan your event will pay off when your friends and family are having a blast at the end of the night.

Hosting Tips

Before hosting your own murder mystery event, it is beneficial for people interested in hosting one to take a look at other murder mystery events online or speak with someone who has hosted before for ideas on what did and did not work out during their event. Additionally, being comfortable with entertaining large groups can help make hosting easier if more than 10 people are expected at the point where it becomes more challenging to maneuver around when everyone wants different things or has different opinions as part of their experience during the night.

In terms of pre-planning for the night, set expectations with your guests by making sure they understand all characters assigned should stick with their roles, including host or team members. Also, spend some time researching props suitable for each characters story arch if possible; items like rings, gloves or scarves could provide insight into the plot without actually giving away too much information about it - allowing guests solve the mystery over time instead of long monologues that would ruin suspenseful elements created during the evening’s plans. Along with pre-planning and research any potential decorations should be bought beforehand if possible so there won’t be a last minute scramble for materials needed during setup which normally ends up stress inducing during chaotic times like those right before tickets start selling out weeks before hand! Finally come up with creative ways everyone can still participate while keeping an eye on safety; especially when costumes become involved with homemade ones often unintentionally becoming more dangerous then store bought ones due lack of materials used during construction processes...

All in all Murder Mystery Events are fun experiences suitable for anyone looking to add excitement into their nights! Being mindful of details as well as pre-planning materials makes hosting these events successful; while being prepared in case issues arise ensures hosting them safer ones! No matter what premises doors open up possibilities of fantastic evenings full laughter, joy & happy memories!

Responses to Common Questions

How can I organize a murder mystery event for a large group?

Organizing a murder mystery event for a large group can be quite a challenge. It requires careful planning and execution. To start, divide your guests into groups of 4 to 10 participants. Hand each group an invite with information about the role they play in the mystery, their goal during the evening, and the clues they must find. You'll also need to provide some staging props such as furniture, weapons, and decorations that fit the theme of the mystery. Finally, create story cards for each team with directions on how their part relates to the solution of the mystery. These cards should also have clues that help them solve the mystery. Once everything is set up, you can start the game by introducing all groups to their respective roles. Enjoy!

What are the elements that make up a successful murder mystery event?

A successful murder mystery event involves several essential elements. Firstly, the host must ensure that all of the necessary materials—such as scripts, props, decorations, and instructions—are sourced and readily available when the evening begins. Secondly, it is important to have a clear plan for how the night will unfold, specifying when and where specific elements of the game activities should take place. Thirdly, a creative story line and believable characters are key; participants should be able to immerse themselves in the drama and be encouraged to explore possible theories. Finally, an improvisational element can add extra excitement and help keep the game fresh and fun! With the right elements in place, hosts will be well equipped to create an unforgettable evening with their friends and family.

How should I promote my murder mystery event to ensure a large turnout?

To ensure a high turnout for your murder mystery event, you should focus on marketing the most important aspects of the event. Start by creating an engaging and exciting promotional campaign that highlights the story, characters and theme of the murder mystery. Make sure to include plenty of visuals that emphasize the details of the event, such as images of costumes or a poster showing the suspects and their motives.

You should also use a mix of both digital and traditional marketing techniques to reach out to potential attendees. Consider posting flyers in local stores or cafes and use social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to promote your event. Don't forget to include all relevant information such as location, date, time, ticket price, potential dress code etc. Offer discounts or rewards for those who spread the word about your event.

Finally, build hype around your murder mystery by engaging with potential attendees and encouraging them to engage with each other before the event. For example, invite members of your target audience to share their own ideas on how they think the mystery might be solved or post pictures related to the event's theme for people to "like" or comment on. With a well-executed marketing strategy, you can create an unforgettable experience for your guests that will have them coming back for more!

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